BBQ Tips - Dos and Don'ts


Do – make a mean marinade (check out our recipies for inspiration)

Do – take your marinated meats out of the fridge before cooking – they will cook better if they are given an hour to get up to room temperature.

Do – leave a small area of the grill without any fuel so that you have a cool area to manage food that is cooking too quickly and get your meat away from flame flare ups.

Do – have a meat thermometer on hand to make sure your poultry and fish are cooked through before serving.


Dont – put too much on the menu. You will only over complicate things and struggle with the timing of your different meats. Keep it simple.

Dont – start cooking on your grill until the coals are glowing.

Dont – spray water on flames that are burning too high. This will leave you fighting to get your barbecue back on track and might flick ash onto your meat.

Dont – worry! Put on your favourite music and grab yourself and cold beer.