After Care

Cleaning & Maintenance:
Catering Grade stainless steel is extremely easy to clean and maintain.
You do not need to buy expensive stainless steel cleaners! Save your money and use a damp cloth with a spot of mild detergent to wipe over surfaces. The stainless steel is bacteria resistant, so does not need a rigorous clean.
For tougher grease spots, mix up baking soda and water into a paste which will cut through grease easily without causing any abrasion.
Dry the surfaces after wiping and your BBQ & grills will be ready to use again and again.
If you want to get a polished finish on your product, baby oil is the answer! Wiping the surface over with baby oil will remove fingerprints and create a shiny polished finish.

Fuel Selection:

If you are using charcoal on your barbecue, then, a 1.5mm stainless steel barbecue with a 3mm grill will be absolutely perfect. Please be aware that choosing to cook with wood on these barbecues may lead to the metal becoming warped.

This is because wood burns at a much hotter temperature than charcoal. We want to make sure you’re aware that choosing to use wood could have this affect on your barbecue.

We produce 2.5mm thick stainless steel BBQs, and up to 10mm grills, which can be used to burn wood as well as coal without any risk of warping. The 2.5mm barbecues are suitable for use as fire pits so can be a multi functional feature in your garden.