All of the Barbecues and Grills produced by BBQMad are made of 304 grade stainless steel. Commonly used in the catering industry, this is a high quality material that will last the test of time. Unlike cheaper chrome plated or nickel alternatives, you wont need to replace a BBQMad product next summer. With little maintenance your barbecue and grills will be ready to cook on year upon year, even when left open to the British weather!


Stainless Steel is amazing stuff, it’s an iron alloy mixed with chromium to prevent rust, and is as strong as it gets. It doesn’t chip or bend and with the smallest amount of care will keep it’s new shine for years to come.


Stainless steel is is the outstanding choice in the catering industry for a number of reasons. It is low maintenance, will last for years and has better heat retention that any other catering material. You can leave these grills out all year and they will be ready to cook whenever you are.


The team at BBQMad lovingly build each and every item to order, ensuring every product meets the specification and is of the highest quality

304g catering grade Stainless Steel bar
304g catering grade stainless steel
stainless steel bar

Rust on your barbecue can cause health issues as loose rust will be transferred onto your food.
The grills and barbecues provided on BBQMad WILL NOT RUST
All of our products are made from catering grade Stainless Steel. This makes them strong, durable and resistant to corrosion.


High grade stainless steel is also bacteria resistant which means you can easily wipe it clean. These barbecues wont rust, and will never erode, so you wont have to replace them for years to come. Even when left out in the rain.


BBQMad are situated on the border of Kent and East Sussex and are proud to support the UK fabrication industry. All products are designed and built in the UK.